Octagon Sled Design

I’m going to attemp a hand made Octagon sled.

Goals -

How long will it take?

How well will it work?

More to come …

Thank you


Why? A round one seems better in many ways, and is easier to make then an octagonal one.

Why not? What evidence do you have round is easier or better? The original sled design is not round. Making it an octagon is 4 straight cuts.

Thank you

with a router and a circle cutting jig (i.e. a thin board with a screw through
it), it’s a lot easier to make a good circle than a good octagon. you can use
the same jig to put holes in the right places on the sled as well.

I was also thinking why, but did not dare to ask :wink:
Corners have the tendency to be in the way. I know that every time I hit my knee on a table. On round tables that rarely happens :smile:
OK, back to serious. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’m thinking of taking off as much of the sled above the bit as I can. But with a nice rounded design. From my superstition I think, the less weight on top, the lower I can go with the spacers for top-mount.

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also, corners are more likely to catch on something and rotate the sled than a
round edge.


If I’m balanced , at the correct hang/swing angle and have 100% support around my work, what is there to get caught on?

Thank you

image please, I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish

if you have 100 precent support, you have not done any cutting yet. As soon as
you start cutting, you don’t have 100% support any longer.

The real reason to test it is it’s a 4 minute sled design if I have a battery power tool set( saw / screw driver.) I’ll try to get to it tomorrow getting ready to go out on my Valentines date.

Thank you

I just cut out the round sled today. Not finalized how I will take off sled material from the top, but a upside down table tennis bat gets close.

This makes it more likely that the sled will fall into already cut areas

what are you seeing as the advantage of this?

I think moving the CG backwards will allow me to go lower with the top-mount, ergo chains closer to the sled, motor mounts shorter.

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Hey, i got no problem with you trying, i can think of an few reasons an asymetrical sled could work better, but if you’re staying symetrical, a round one seems best.
That said, i’m one of those people that actually enjoys being proven wrong. Its the best school on the planet.

I copy that. The wonderful thing about Maslow is, that you can do what you want.
There is a gain for everything that is ‘out of the box’. Sometimes value, sometimes inspiration, sometimes knowledge on how not to do it.


to get the chains closer to the sled, you want to increase the weight of the
sled, not decrease it.

obove or below the bit doesn’t matter, only distance from the sled.

:notes: “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone” :notes:
Thinking about it after the second coffee is somehow different then after the 8th or so whisky.
I was mind-stuck with the old bracket mount system, where it does change the tilt, removing weight from above the brackets (not as I said above the bit). With the triangular kits we have a moving mount-point depending on how high or low the sled is. Therefore my previous thoughts are obsolete.
My sled stays round for now. (until I get another crazy thought)


I hope that’s early or I’m in trouble

My wife works nights and has to work Wednesday. So yea early.

Thank you

The demonstration is over here:

Thank you

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