Off Topic: New Teensy 4.0 Released

Never know if it might be useful with Maslow, but the new Teensy 4.0 is released. 600 MHz Cortex-M7 processor on it.


600MHz processor, and it executes double, double functions like log(), sin(), cos() with FPU hardware. It sounds very interesting. Thanks for the alert.

I’ve been able to compile the v1.27 firmware for Teensy4.0 (3.5, 3.6) by updating the Encoder and TimerOne libraries. Here’s the branch. It compiles, but doesn’t have pin assignments that would allow connecting to one of the PowerControl boards, yet. For now, I’ll be out by the mailbox waiting for a delivery…:grin:


The speed of it compared to a mega is extreme, but I wonder how that could be used to improve the machine. Could reducing the loopinterval be of any benefit?

I have a Teensy 4 on the way as well. Are the updates just to get it to compile in “UNO compatability mode” or does it actually use Teensy native peripherals or DMA?

It compiles in full-on Teensy mode. The changes were minimal, Paul Stoffregen wrote those libraries as well as creating the Teensy series…

In the code I see switching interrupts on and off completely. That shouldn’t be necessary on any of the ARM processors with nested interrupt right? Teensy, ESP32, DUE… Encoder has priority over PWM which has priority over Coms. That could improve accuracy if we have been missing any pulses while interrupts were off.

does it have eeprom? or does that still require an additional chip?

David Lang

The Teensy core has been re-written to present part of its internal store as EEPROM and to use the stock EEPROM library calls. Not sure, but I think it uses 2K for that.

Edit - Teensy3.5 shows 4K. The Teensy4.0 sheet says “64K reserved for recovery & EEPROM emulation”, the recovery is ‘Blink’ and that compiles to a bit less than 4K, so there’s probably a fair wad available for storage.

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Teensy 4 ordered!

I didn’t realize just how teensy it would be… much more teensy than the 3.5

Just like a box of cereal: “Image enlarged to show texture.” :slight_smile:

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Reminds me of the Adafruit trinket.

It’s based on the Teensy 3 / LC foot print.

Thank you

It also has four hardware 32-bit quadrature encoder interfaces built in… unfortunately, there’s not a recent grbl port for it.