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Offer a sled with linkage arms & thingy

got offer a sled with linkage arms z axs with 3D printed set up hold a Porter-Cable router . for about 30 minuets of fiberglass work. . could I buy the rest of a kit and make it work

I don’t see why you couldn’t, though you are missing the motors, chains, control board/Arduino combo, and wiring. Any type of frame you would like to build would work as well. I am sure you could source the other pieces from around the webs.

c00nphrog thank you for the fast reply. . more worried about the computer stuff. The person that made this has passed.

you can buy this stuff from or you can probably get a full kit from for perhaps a similar cost. Someone was just posting that they had extra parts… couldn’t find it. Who had spare parts? If you can get a shield ($40?), you can buy an arduino off amazon for $14. The software is all freely available on github, so think you will find the computer stuff will work out.

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