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Ok where am I spacing out on with my unistrut frame set up

My frame is built using the xl frame instructions I am apparently missing something as my 15’ chains appear to be to long? I have a 12" beam with the motors at 7.5’ (just a bit higher then the XL instructions. ) Shouldn’t the sled end up near the center of the cutting area? I can actually set mine on the floor with the chains attached?

Those do seem quite long. @MakerMadeCNC do you guys have any thoughts?

shouldn’t there be weights or elastic cords as tensioners on there . it appears the chains are straight from a fixed point .

they are there, just hard to see in the pictures I posted, it turns out I spaced out and had them misadjusted.

I had same issue at 1st, and when finally got centered I couldn’t get it to calibrate properly and cuts were off no matter what I did. I eliminated the tension spring and went with over the sprocket setup with counterweights (article was either in forums or projects). Initial calibration was as simple as getting an equal length of chain from each sprocket to the sled until it was centered in workspace, and rest done from makerverse app. Everything has cut as intended since and I’ve been using it over a year now. With that, I would suggest the counterweight system since that is what the longer chain length was intended for, more accurate since chains are not being pulled against eachother such as when spring is extended, plus you’ll save yourself a lot of issues that will result with the tension spring binding and weakening with use.

Thank you for your suggestion I was looking into doing just that.