On Off button cap

Maslow4Dop(4).stl (42.6 KB)

Designed with a .6 nozzle, layer height .25 in mind and extruded at .64 to .66 but should also work good for .4 nozzles extruded at .40 to .44.

A cap to combine with the button pusher for when you need to change the router bit.
It covers the on off button so you cannot accidentally turn on the router. It can be connected with a cord or rubber bands with the button pusher from the not shop and the “remove before flight” tag as a reminder not to forget to take it out. I printed it in red but use any color you like. I designed it for printing with a .6 nozzle and .25 layer height.
It was designed for the 230V DeWalt, I do not know if it fits the 110V version. (If someone could let me know that would be great)

PS: I do not know if this upload post works, it is my first time trying to post an idea like this.
Oh yeah the design is mine but everybody can use it for what ever they want :slight_smile:
A mention would be nice if re-posted or sold.


This looks fantastic! Nice idea!

If you want you can not sell it in the not shop :wink:


@Gijs what are the dimensions of that power switch cap? I tried to import it assuming mm and it came out 460.2 x 300 x 50, which would make a good breakfast tray. I can scale it, but I don’t want to assume what that scale should be and get it wrong.

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Sorry, I always design 10 x bigger. So you have to scale it down to 10%.
I have fixed that post and put a scaled down version in. Thanks for noticing.

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