Online now? Easy question about z-axis safe level

So, I have a few minutes to play with the Maslow today and I am trying to use the CNC pen that I bought to test. Unfortunately, the length of the pen holder means that the z-axis is nearly maxed out and I am afraid that the default standard safe height for travel (3,15mm or 1/8" I believe) may be beyond the amount available. Is there any way to change this default? Since I am just using the pen I am not worried about only being a millimeter or so off the work piece when moving and not cutting (drawing).


Just a thought. And of course this negates the Z axis. Why not set it manually and disable or in my case unplug the Z motor?

Thank you

It is a good thought, but I was planning to run some g-code through it that utilizes the z-axis. I can control the height in the g-code, but I am looking to control the default movement that happens before I run the g-code. Like when going to the home position

The ‘Home’, ‘Return to Center’ and Z-Axis popup buttons in GC have hard-coded values for safe travel. In a text editor, search for “G0 Z.25” in UIElements/, UIElements/ and UIElements/ to find the three places you’ll want to change. There are metric versions of the safe travel command nearby in each file.
This might make a good issue to open in the GroundControl repository, a nice enhancement, for sure.

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Thanks @blurfl Hopefully I won’t screw anything up.

I have never opened an issue in the repository, but I’ll try to look into it later. It would definitely be a good option to have readily available any time someone wants to use a long bit. I am just glad I thought to check it before I ran the g-code.

Where do I find these files?

Which platform?
Linux: in the ‘GroundControl-1.06/UIElements’ folder
Windows: in the ‘GroundControl-Windows.Portable.v1.06\GroundControl\UIElements’ folder
OSX: in Finder, in the Applications folder, find the groundcontrol app, right-click on it and ‘Show Package Contents’ to open a window that lets you navigate to the right place. The GroundControl files are in the ‘Contents/Resources/yourapp/UIElements’ folder.

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Is that a pun :wink:

Win 10
GC 1.06
FW 1.06

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I do not see a UIElements folder. Is that under the Source Code download? I pulled the Ground Control Windows zip file

It is, but if you are running from the compiled version instead of the source it seems like getting you to edit the code might be more trouble than it’s worth.

In the interest of just starting to test with the pen would recommend just avoiding the “home” and “return to center” buttons be a solution?

Are you talking about when the z-axis retracts between each “cut” (drawing in this case)? If so that is a setting in your cam program like MakerCAM

Yeah, I already modified my g-code from JScut to only retract 1 mm. I will give it a try manually. Unfortunately have to take the child to the doctor’s appointment now, so out of time to play today. Maybe next weekend.

Thanks for the help!


Ouch! you’re right - sorry, I forgot the Windows packager didn’t include all the files…
I’m afraid I’m not your best hope for support with the Windows package. You could try downloading the Source code(zip) files to run GC. With those, you would unzip them, change directory into the GroundControl-1.06 directory and from the command line within that folder use ‘python’ to run GC. If that works to run GC, then editing the files I mentioned (in UIElements) would let you change the setting.


I understand the desire to make chips first :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. I opened an issue to discuss making the ‘safe travel’ value a setting on the ‘Maslow Settings’ screen. After the chips settle - or rather the pen comes to rest, wade in there with you opinions/ideas on the subject.


I’ve opened a PR #630 in GC to add a setting for safe height to the Settings page.

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It’s amazing how fast things get fixed…way to go!

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Much credit to @krkeegan’s great re-write of the Settings system! Makes it easy to add things like this.


Awesome, I was a little worried it would be too convoluted to follow, happy to see it working so well.