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Open Desk Cafe Table

I just finished putting what I think is the last coat of polyurethane on my cafe table. I’ll do a full post about the experience, but here’s some pictures just because I’m excited

They say that the uneven sides make it so you can use it as 3 person table where everyone gets a big side, a 4 person table where someone gets the kinda medium sized side, or a 5 person table if there is someone one each edge. When I looked at the pictures I thought that was a silly idea but in person I can totally imagine it working and think it’s a fantastic design


I love it!! There truly are some wonderful designers at OD!! Would be awesome to get one of the designers to contribute a Maslow build of some sort. Would be great pub for both.


Here are some more pictures. I’m really pleased with how it came out.

I had one big issue which was that when I went to assemble it it there were two slots which were WAY too big. After some measuring I realized that the design was intended to be cut from 25mm (1inch) plywood and I cut if from 3/4 (18mm). I added some 1/4 inch shims and you can’t tell unless you crawl under the table :grimacing:

Overall I’m SUPER happy with how it came out :+1:


Super nice result! :clap: The asymmetry of the top adds a beautiful touch.

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This table came out great! Do you have the design files for it?

Unfortunately I don’t :slightly_frowning_face:…I didn’t save them because I didn’t expect OpenDesk to take their files down.

Anyone else out there, that could share the files?

That would be great!

Not the Cafe Table, but some of the other Opendesk designs can be found at dev/projects/maslowcnc/opendesk at release · abetusk/dev · GitHub

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