OpenDesk Github Repository / Wooden Joints

Thanks again @abetusk for pointing out the OpenDesk Github Repository.
Can’t wait to play around with cutting some of the different joints here design-playground/ at gh-pages · opendesk/design-playground · GitHub
(edit) or here if you don’t want the zip design-playground/Digital_Wood_Joints_Complete/Digital_Wood_Joints at gh-pages · opendesk/design-playground · GitHub
I just need to figure out how to add/merge them into a design in inkscape :thinking: will use convertio to change dxf to svg then move on to inkscape.


These joints and similar are to me the largest advantage of a CNC over traditional wood working.

I’ve been slowly building a few of them in Fusion360 in order to easily cut and paste them into projects. Once I have some working joints built and tested, I’ll share them via Autodesk Cloud and post in the wiki or forums. I’m attempting to design them in a manner that references every proportion in the joint to the material thickness and allows one to size the joint easily by setting the material thickness.

It’ll take some time to get a few reliably under my belt but the plan is to proof them on a few thicknesses, and share the models.

So far, I’ve focused on the snap-finger joint as it seems to be the most useful for the simple furniture I’m designing, but perhaps we could have a few people work on other joints and build up a Fusion360 library a little faster?

hope this helps.


I’ve added the free/libre Open Desk designs to one of my GitHub repositories. Below is a table of the free/libre designs available.


A U :vulcan_salute:
K !

Ok, playing around at the top of a used board and this is what I came up with. Ran feedrate at 40 and 1/4 inch stepdown. I really wasn’t expecting the result… My first snap joint and worked on the first try!!!:astonished:

This has my wheels spinnining :thinking:


now we’re talkin! excellent!

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That looks fantastic!

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@clintloggins is the tolerance in the joint meant to be what looks like ~1mm from here?

@george the middle male piece is tapered and wedges in. I looked closely at it and looks as though there was a hard spot in the material and the bit walked a slight touch.


Interesting and you think that’s what’s making the purple gap happen?

Yes because I can teeter and open or close either top or bottom gap all while the clasps are locked in and solid

I cant seem to get a download link on github for these files? Help

@h3h3, the easiest way to download these files is probably from the data archive I created at There should be links on the right hand side that allow for a ZIP archive download.

If you want to download from the GitHub repository, you can navigate to a specific files directory, the lean-desk-v1.5.0 for example, you can then select an individual file, the LEN_DSK_STD_1600x2400x738_SA_AP_1_5_0_cad-1_18.00-0.0.dxf for example, and then click the Raw button in the upper right hand corner, you should then get a file that you can save by right clicking and “saving to file”.

Here is a picture:

Alternatively, you can go to the root directory of the repository,, and then click the Code button in the upper right and select the Download ZIP option. Here is another picture:

My dev repository has a bunch of other stuff in it that has nothing to do with the OpenDesk files so you’ll be downloading a whole bunch of information you don’t need if you do it this way. If you do download the whole repository, you’ll have to navigate to the location within the repository which should mirror the file location above. For redundancies sake, it’s in dev/projects/maslowcnc/opendesk.

Looking around, I just found someone forked my repository and made it leaner to only include the OpenDesk files. The repo can be found at and the corresponding discussion can be found on this forum here. All the same instructions for download apply to the leaner repository.

At one point @bar was talking about making some hosted site available so we could upload these files but I’m not really sure what happened to that.

Is it possible to get your direct email?

I made the maslow community garden!..but it’s currently disabled because it was getting a lot of spam. I can re-enable uploading files for a couple days if anyone want’s to post open desk things.