Got the stool to cut

There are a couple of spots when the sled snagged on old cuts, but this is a huge improvement over the last 2 attempts.

Thanks to everyone on the forums for your help and advice!


Great work! I think the stool is becoming the unofficial project of choice for the community.

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I have cut four stools with fusion 360 and the holes in the stool are too small for the legs. What program did you use to produce the NC file? I am at the end of my rope with this. I cannot get Fusion 360 to cut the holes to fit the legs no matter what I do, I could not get the design files to upload to any other program either, nightmare.

I have not actually made one of these stools myself, so take my advice with a grain of salt. It’s been my experience that the files from Opendesk are designed for metric sized plywood (18mm instead of 3/4 in etc) and that some of the files work better than others.

That kind of frustration is a big part of the reason the community garden gives you the 3D CAD files and the 2D dxf files so that it’s possible to make changes like that.

Do the other dimensions seem right? The opendesk site lists an overall height for the stool, does that height match what you are measuring in real life? It’s possible for the entire file to become scaled incorrectly in the file conversion process.