Optional items for the Maslow

I am probably going to be ordering my Maslow sometime next week… YEAH!

I have read a ton of posts and bookmarked about a half ton. Your ideas about z-axis automation, auto on/off for the router, heatsink issues, frame/sled issues, and the list goes on and on. So many great topics, discussions and solutions that my head is spinning. I keep saying to myself, “OK, When I get my Maslow, I have to do that”.

Which brings up my request… would someone start a list, spreadsheet, post or the like where all these optional items can be found. I should have done it myself. Things like the module for the arduino board for adding auxillary hookup, “what was that called again”… (see what I mean, I already forgot the name). I don’t believe we need to go so far as to post a link to where it can be found or purchased, thou I have seen this in many threads and it has been very helpful. Maybe just the name and a short description of function so a person can pick and choose the options.

Maybe Bar and Hanna could even add some of the items to their store, so we could buy them if we want when we order our Maslow.

Anyway, I don’t mind re reading the posts again because I know I have forgotten a lot more than just the names of some of the parts noted in the threads.

Lets keep the wood shavings falling and the ideas as sharp as our bits!


I think for brainstorming the list, this post would be a good working space. Then we can accumulate them into a wiki page…like this one: https://github.com/MaslowCNC/Mechanics/wiki/Optional-Alternative-Parts-and-Vendors

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If I were Bar & Hanna, I would set up associate links on the website to all those products on Amazon, so the Maslovians could support the project by clicking through to make their purchase(s).


I think this is a good idea, even more now that they are going to stop shipping the kit after the next batch.

They will be able to continue making some money and we will be able to get parts without too much hassle, specially for someone like me since i do not know the correct name for some of the parts.

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not permanently stopping the kit, just taking a break.

David Lang

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