Original Kickstarter Beta Tester Catching Up

Hi Guys & Gals -

I’m an original Kickstarter Beta Tester backer but I never built my frame because at the time I received it there was still a lot of debating going on in regards to the best frame design, software bugs…etc. I got involved with other projects and haven’t yet had time to dive back into Maslow so everything has just been sitting in the box.

  1. I got the original z-axis kit and I just ordered the ring kit but I’ve been out of this for so long I was curious if somebody could tell me if there is anything else that’s been updated that I need to get this machine up and running with the least bit of headache?

  2. I’m assuming that frame design and such has been pretty standardized at this point?

  3. Is there anything else I should know without having to read hundreds of threads in this forum? I know, it sounds lazy I’m trying to same some time.




Welcome back! Here’s what I would say:

With the beta kit and a z-axis kit, you’ve got the most important parts. The method of attaching the sled to the chains has changed since then, and a ring kit would be a good addition.
You’ll need some bolts, screws and possibly some bungee cords but just what will depend on the frame you choose to build. They are hardware store items, though. You might even have them in your misc. drawer.

The new stock frame is a good place to start. Look through the forum at ways others have customized theirs, but you will have ideas of your own as well.

As you build the frame, focus on making the beam holding the motors straight and rigid. Any flexing will cause loss of accuracy. Look to make and keep the 4x8 workarea flat, any bowing will cause problems. Pay attention to the relationship between the router/sled balance and the motor/beam placement. If you use the stock frame and ring kit with a plywood sled and bricks, the dimensions in the assembly guide should be right.


Thank you!

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