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Original Kickstarter kit for sale (UK - EU)

Based in the UK (Kent, TN4)

I have an unused original kit for sale with Z-axis. Box opened and Arduino turned on but got no further.

Sadly I don’t have the time or the space for this at the moment and it’s sitting unused on a shelf. I’d rather it went to a good home where it will get used to make great things!

I paid 410USD + 70USD shipping (not including cost of router and z-axis mount) - I’m looking for offers around 300GBP + shipping to your destination. Will ship anywhere within reason but UK/EU preferred in order to keep your own costs down.

Edit: I have added 2 pictures and I will also include the Bosch router, which has modified to work with a sled and also the z-axis attachment for this router.

Here is the forum guide thread for getting this router to work with Maslow. Lots of useful information and links here

Thank you for looking.

Hi Angus, do you still have this for sale? I really can’t afford it, and I don’t have the space, but I’m still tempted to make an offer!
Thanks, Peter

Hi Peter,
Yes it’s still here. You’re the only person to show any interest in it so far!

Hi Angus, if it’s still available I would like to buy it, I’ve messaged you privately. Thanks, David

Is this still available?

Hi @david2, yes it is. Haven’t been on here in a couple of weeks or so hence the slow reply! You’re first in line as Peter looks like he is no longer interested. Checking PMs now.

@ChrisUA - Only just got back on here after a couple of weeks. Looks like David was next in line so depending on how that pans out you are next in line.

HI! If the kit is still available - would you mind telling me its weight? I want to check how much shipping will cost before I actually commit to anything. With and without the Bosch, for fear that it may cost as much to ship it as it’s worth…