Other design sources than Community Garden?

I’m having a tough time finding any ready-to-use CAD files for projects other than The Community Garden and OpenDesk.

I thought GrabCAD “should” be the perfect site for this, but when I actually looked into what projects were on there and the level of detail in them, it actually seems to be filled with parts you’d never try to make on a hobbyist machine – it seems to be more like detailed illustrative parts for putting into architectural walkthoughs or product concept renders, or something like that. at least, most seem to be complex 3d dimensional drawings, rather than templates for 2d / 2.5d cutting on a CNC router.

So, getting back to the point… are there any other good sites for downloading designs that can be easily imported and cut out on the Maslow? Or is Community Garden and OpenDesk really all we have for the moment?

Or maybe there a relatively easy way to make sheet material cutlists from files from on sites like GrabCAD, that I’m unaware of?