Overclocking and Holey config distance to edge of stock

I am overclocking my maslow per these instructions:

It is pretty brilliant - trick the configuration to move closer to the edges by specifying larger stock.
My question is when I input the holey measurements results should I adjust M12 to be the height to the edge of actual stock or the virtual stock as entered in the settings?
When I think it through I think the virtual stock so I would add 4.5″ ( 114.3 mm ) to the last measurement. If Holey is tricked I need to continue to trick it so its algorithms work properly

I’d love to confirm this before I enter the dims but I expect I’ll just do this and see how it works.

When I added the extra length it seems to send the sled further down in the y.
In the end I measured from the sled home to the center of stock as displayed in web control and adjusted my motor height by the difference. It seems like the calibration adjusts the motor height but it does it in a way that makes the sled too low. I don’t know if adjusting this setting affects the calibration. At this point I just need to cut something. I might just make some test holes and see if it matches the source cad file.