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Overhead Cords Setup

Hello, I just setup my M2 and have cut a few items. I used the standard frame and it works great. 2 questions I have are:
Does someone have a design for an Overhead Cord holder. I would like to have my Z-axis and Router cords to come up behind my frame and drop down from the top.
The second question is that I see in a lot of videos that when someone is down carving that they take the sled and move it up to a holder on top. Any Idea on what they are using to do that.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have used a bungee for the cords hung off a board sticking straight out in front of the beam so probably not the most elegant solution. The sled hanger I used was a lag bolt in the beam.

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I haven’t done anything for the overhead cords, but I have seen what @Orob has talked about, along with others using a piece of unistrut extended out. The only caution would be to pay attention to running the power of the router next to the Z-motor cable. There have been those that have had “noise” issues with them being next to each other.

As for the hanger, I did the same with the lag bolt, and I just drilled the hole through the center opening of the top L-bracket of the ring where it attaches to the sled.

Here is what i did.

I have a fiberglass rod that extends out from the center of my beam. I ran the z-axis cable along the pole and down to the sled from above. Router power and vacuum hose are run up from the floor. The pole is flexible and allows for the cable to flex if it gets caught on something. As others have said, you want to make sure that you keep the AC separated from the Z-axis cable. The pole is just an old driveway marker reflector I cut down.


did you have to lengthen the z axis cable?

Yes. I spliced in an additional 1.5m of wire to the Z, X, Y axis cables. In retrospect, i should have bought the crimping tool and pins/sockets to make proper extensions for all the time i spent soldering and heat shrinking.

I only recently bought one of these and it’s amazing! Making cables is super fast now :stuck_out_tongue: Totally worth it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I said to myself, “self, you dont need to buy a tool that you’ll only use once and never use again.”

Two days into my solder-a-thon I said “self, you are a cheapskate…and an idiot”


I think we’ve all said that before.
The life coaches say one should be nicer to one’s self.

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I had a life coach once……. he quit after the first day.

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That has got to be the most intricate frame I’ve seen. You’ve got a lot going on there. Mind giving some details?

The Venn Diagram of how I got here is complicated. Suffice it to say the sunk cost fallacy is real. I’m hesitant to share details if for any other reason than that the mistakes I made and had to overcome were epic and expensive. As such they are a bit embarassing.

There are some good ideas in there though that I think with some tweaking by the community, could be good for the community as a whole. Let me think about it.

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More is learned from failure than from success. Also, the more we can learn as a community the more we can save others from making the same mistakes.

I tend to fall down the rabbit hole as well and try to overengineer everything from the start. Has led to many a mistake.

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my history with trying to share my designs with the community is a bit …… complicated. there is a lot to unpack and off-load with my frame and overall design approach. let me figure out the best way to do it.