Pease help fix my chain pulley system

I’m trying a pulley system for the chain at the top but it keeps overlapping on the left when it’s cutting on the right top and overlapping on the right when it’s cutting top left. What do I need to change with how I have this set up?

Install a short piece of 2x4 to the right of the motor on top of the beam, and terminate the chain to that. I’ll try to find a picture.

Edit: I can’t find who’s this is but if you know who, let me know, I’ve always liked this setup for it’s simplicity.

move the slack end of the chain close to the motor.

David Lang

I had chain issues and couldn’t get the correct tension using 2 bungees. When I went to 1 bungee and tied the 2 chains together, all problems went away. as 1 chain advances the other retracts. Perfect fix I thought

what happens at the top center?

I started with 2 cords like the original instructions. I left the 2 rollers when I switched to 1 bungee. The sprocket of the chain never gets to center so its not an issue leaving the rollers the 1" apart. If you have issues at center, move the fixed ends of the chain farther from the center.