Permanent frame parts cut incorrectly, dropped data

The permanent frame is still the thing that I most want to build with Maslow! I took another run at it two weeks ago, but failed. On July 11th I used the temporary Beta frame that I built months ago, along with the then-latest versions of the firmware and GC. I grabbed the All Parts .SVG file and ran it through MakerCAM to create the Gcode. When I ran GC to cut all the parts, several errors occurred along the way, and then the router suddenly headed “straight north”, cutting a path toward the top of the plywood until I manually stopped it. (I have screen captures/ pictures, to which I’ve added arrows and text, that show the errors.)

I’m almost positive that at least some of the problems are the result of characters getting dropped from the data stream, probably evidence of a buffer overrun problem that Bar has been chasing for a long time. May I suggest that you distribute a separate .SVG file for each of the individual parts for the permanent frame? I think that if I can cut them one at a time I’ll have a much greater chance of success.

@MikeT yes, there are still some problems (being worked on) with the machine. IIRC releases approx 2 weeks ago were particularly buggy, however I think most of them are worked out with the latest GC and firmware, and another (regularly scheduled) release is tomorrow.

Meanwhile, individual .svg part files are available here.

Hope this helps.

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this might be related to your issue: Z Axis Not Fully Retracting Before Moving also, I think a major memory issue was worked out recently that sounds like the issue you have have been bumping into.

Release .81 fixed a lot of my errors. If you are comfortable with git, you can test out the remainder of my fix for the z-axis in my repo too. Or wait a few days and we can get it pulled into the main repo.

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