What is the motor shaft diameter?

Trying to build a Maslow from scratch and can’t find this info anywhere.


I saw a post from early on for the stock motor and I believe it to be 8mm.

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@bar, can you confirm?

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the stock main motors are 8mm shaft

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Thanks everyone, that answers my question.

Going to be a bit tricky to source given that it’s for a #25 chain and therefore mixing metric and imperial. McMaster Carr only has sprockets with shaft diameters measured in inches.

search around here a little, I saw someone found #25 sprockets awhile back and fairly cheap.

I found the conversation.


Thanks! You clearly have a knack for remembering old threads on this forum :wink:

I also just came across this a few minutes ago:


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We’ve all had the same questions at one point or another. This forum is
great, usually a search will bring the answer after a little digging.

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Well you can’t beat that price, good find.

Could you drill/ream a sprocket with a 1/4" opening to 8mm?