Pin shelf holes, with Z axis module

Hello everyone, just found this project, and got hooked immediately, but it’s unfortunately out of stock. Meanwhile, i was wondering, do you think this tool could be a viable option for drilling pin shelf holes when equipped the Z axis module? Or would it be very slow? Any ideas on this from people who already own the product?

Hello Zsolt_Popa, and welcome!
While the Maslow could do the job of drilling the holes, as you imagined it would be slower than making a jig to locate the hole locations and using a drill to do it by hand.
On the other hand, using the machine would give the satisfaction of making the machine do it - making the CAD drawings, outputting the gcode file, setting up the material in the machine and running the program.
I find myself doing woodworking projects without the Maslow when time presses, and use the machine when I’ve got time to enjoy the process.

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Use Maslow to make the jig! That’s on a VERY long list of “Made With Maslow” shop tools/jigs/fixtures for the Fall this year. :smiley:


The stock maslow would be slow (because the Z axis is slow), you could work to
speed up the maslow.

one huge advantage the maslow has over manual work with a jig is that while it
takes a long time, you can be doing other things in the area, and you don’t have
to worry about the jig being positioned wrong.

something like pin shelf holes is something I think the maslow is perfect for.

David Lang

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