Metal cutting with either maslows

I am interested in purchasing the Maslow but had a question. I was wondering if you can use the maslow to cut metal. Doing the same as you would with wood but with metal? Or, if I were to purchase the Meta Maslow would i be able to use it one wood as well as the metal?

Thanks. I hope that make sense.

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Aluminium I’ve seen in the Forum cut with the Maslow, steel is not possible without mounting a plasma cutter or a water-jet cutter to it. Both options have not been realized till date, perhaps because of the challenge how to route a thick cable or a water pipe. Hope that helps.

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Both versions of the Maslow are intended to cut things that you can use a standard router with (it’s all down to the bits you chuck in as well as making sure the material can support the slow movements). The difference between the two is really the material that the sled is made from. The Metal Maslow comes with a metal sled. The MakerMade version does not come with a pre-cut sled. You are expected to cut one out (most people used wood since it is easier to work with).

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The development of the Maslow is in our hands as daring individuals and especially as a community! This is why there are different versions. It is also why you can ask yourself/the community (within reason) “How do I/we make the Maslow [fill in the blank]?” I’m telling you this so that you can assess everything from here on out with the creative perspective that I didn’t view from when I first encountered Maslow! :grin: Welcome to the community!

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this was by @MeticulousMaynard a while back.

I’ve cut some tin and copper sheets and had decent results.

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Was the aluminium cut with the original maslow or the meta maslow?

It was cut with the original. The ‘Metal Maslow’ is only called that because of the steel sled. None can cut steel.

Not trying to be a jerk here, but that was my work. The video you linked is from my YouTube channel. It’s the same project that @Gero posted a link to earlier. Please credit accurately.

It was cut with the original Maslow kit, albeit with a non-standard steel frame. I welded it from 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" steel box tubing and angle iron.

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Sorry, updated, i think i confused the username, should have double checked. I also just noticed I duplicated the thread link and have removed that.


Did you do anything different other than the frame in order to do that?

No other changes were made to the machine to be able to do that. It works quite well, although it definitely is a bit slow. I was machining 0.040" aluminum with a 1/4" single flute bit at 400mm/min and 0.5mm step-downs. Cutting fluid is definitely recommended. I used WD-40, but that isn’t the greatest fluid to use. Something like this is much better. If you’re going to do a lot of metal cutting, it would be worth adding a mister setup like this.

Great! Thank you so much!

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It is possible to rout metal. It has considerations and you have to weigh the cost vs return. It might be more effective to develop a waterjet head depending on your definition of Metal. You probably need a lubricating system.

Thank you