Hi my name is Rob and this is my first post in this forum, I came across Maslow on youtube and I my first thought was: “this is a great product and it would match perfectly with Playwood connectors!”

First of all a disclaimer: I’m a designer and I work for Playwood.

A brief history:
Playwood it’s a product of Space Matters an Italian Sturtup and we produce: 3 connectors: 90°, 105°, 150°, forniture, free design.

The Connecotrs:
A simple video

The concept is very simple as you can see, but the flexibility is huge!

If you want to start building something you can simply download for free a design from our design library and modify it to your own needs!

On our website and on instagram ( we have a vast gallery of some projects that had been built by our awesome community which I think it would be great if you would join it.

If you decide to build something remember to share it with us by mail and/or on instagram using the hashtag #playwood50 to get the chance to win a discount on the connectors of 50%!!

We also have a maker community which you can join too!



Welcome to our group. I saw these at Makerfaire last year. Will you be at the bay area makerfaire again this year?

Thank you


Hi Bee thx, I wonder how is that possible that you’ve seen us in the US since we currently don’t have a distributor there and we’ve never attend to a Makerfaire except her in Italy… Maybe next year… :smiley:


I think it was

Who was at makerfaire :grin:

What a cool idea that does match so well with Maslow


Hi Bar! yes that is one of our competitor, but from what I know (and I could be very wrong) they have been out of stock for a long long time, also our connector are more gentle with the wood, the metal is going to leave a mark.

The plus of the PLY90, that I hope that we are going to adopt, are holes on the joint that allows you to fix it to a wall.

Anyway if you really need holes it’s plastic so nobody can stop a drill :smiley: (I would not advise it, but it’s still a possibility)


You are right.

Do you need a distributer in the US? California ,West Cost of the US? Perhaps we could help you out.

Thank you

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I wonder how difficult it would be to create those corner clamps on the maslow, out of plywood; cutting the sideways shape twice, laminating the two together to make a 1.5" thick part. If you mill a channel, there would be a place for the bolt to go through. Given the price, of ~$20 for 4, it might be worth the time.


Hi @Joshua ! You are probably right, but I don’t think that it will have the same resistance, the same look and feel, also the price in my opinion justified the ope design library and the full support of our team on your projects made with Playwood.

Hi @Bee we are looking to expand our horizon, I’ve contacted you through your contact form on your website, I have used the email of our sales manager.

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What does it cost to ship these connector packs to the US?

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Hi @mooselake right now we are in contact with some dealer in US and I hope that by the next few month we are going to be able to sell our product there, for now I can suggest you to check our dealer finder page, I think that for now your nearest re-seller is: Langevin Forest it’s a Canadian eCommerce you can definitely ask them a shipment quotation, otherwise you can contact us on our website to get a quotation from us, but from what I know the shipment cost from Italy for a few connectors is very high.