Is there a Maslow kit provider in Europe?

Hi everyone, I’ve been following with interest the progress of Maslow for a few months and hope soon to bulid my own. I was wondering is there a supplier of the kit in Europe. I am from Ireland and to pay the post and customs would be pretty expensive to get it from the US.

Unfortunately the only folks shipping kits right now are us here in Portland Oregon (US), but one of the things we are going to look into when we take a break is setting folks up to ship from other countries for exactly this reason


I’m also from Ireland. I have my Maslow up and running but want to upgrade to the ring kit, and finding the cost of postage and import duty off putting.

What about a Kickstarter for an EU based supplier to just get the ball rolling? Would that have potential?


I don’t think I could run it (not being in Europe), but if someone wanted to do it I could put you in touch with the suppliers of all the parts. That would eliminate a lot of the risk for potential backers

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All the parts are readily available (to someone with the budget to make the
minimum orders), and the custom made parts all have CAD models available and
there is assistance available to help create them.

David Lang

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Wouldn’t it make more sense to set it up as a kind of franchise instead of starting from scratch?
Just place a big order in china, and let them ship some to Portland, and some to some European that likes putting stuff in boxes :slight_smile:
Now just to find the volunteer :smiley:


Thanks for your reply, I really hope that this option will be available in the Future. I think it will really help the community to grow. I might see if I can fabricate some of the parts myself. from the cad drawings.

Great to hear there is someone here in Ireland working with on Maslow.

I must check into the cad designs. Is there a parts list and suppliers of them available?

It sounds like a good opening for someone who has the time.

what we primarily need is someone with the money to be able to order the parts
is sufficient quantity, and the interest/willingness to assemble and ship the

getting them manufactured is fairly easy by comparison :slight_smile:

not directly. As for suppliers, they are ‘local laser cutting supplier’

there aren’t many custom parts

there is the ring or the linkage kit (given that the R2200 isn’t available in
the EU, I sould suggest seriously looking at the top linkage kit, CAD is
available for that)

Then there are the brackets to hold the motors. The stock ones are simple L
shapes, I made some nicer brackets

Then there is the motor mount for the Z axis and the L brackets to hold that in
place. I don’t have versions of that.

then there is the motor driver board, and there’s an open design of an improved
one of those in the community garden that hasn’t shipped any samples yet.

beyond that, it’s ordering motors, chain, arduino boards, power supplies and
other standard components.

David Lang

Wouldn’t it make more sense to set it up as a kind of franchise instead of starting from scratch?

A franchise is someone buying into the right to use a name. In this case, it
seems as if Bar is perfectly happy with someone setting up shop independently
and selling the stuff. I don’t think he’s interested in the work needed to
manage/police a franchise

Just place a big order in china, and let them ship some to Portland, and some to some European that likes putting stuff in boxes :slight_smile:

it would be separate orders with different people paying for them (each
franchise buys their own stuff)

Now just to find the volunteer :smiley:

it’s someone looking to invest in a small business, not a volunteer (just to be

David Lang


Hello, I could be interested in this idea of launching a crowdfunding campaign or even selling the parts in Europe as a reseller.

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As long as there are no issues with copyright or similar I will be setting up a Maslow CNC source for most current parts and some items I have designed in the very near future.

I don’t want to break any rules here having just joined the forum so I won’t post any more details than this for now.

Would somebody in authority reply to this post and let me know if what I propose is feasible and allowed?



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We would love to have someone setup a kit provider in Europe, there are lots of
people here who will help you any way we can.

David Lang


Thank you very much.

I am reading through the forum with avid interest!

it’s open source and Europe really needs a distributor. Hopefully your kit will be open source as well. Good luck.

Please do! I did the original design and I give you 400% permission to use any or all parts of the design for personal or commercial use. The only thing protected is the Maslow logo, everything else can be used in any way. Let me know if you have trouble sourcing any parts. I am happy to connect you with my suppliers directly.

and while the logo is protected, that doesn’t mean there is no way to use it,
you just need to talk to Bar about what his license requirements for using it

David Lang