Pop Up Boxes in Ground Control Fail to Close

I constantly have an issue where a popup box in ground control fails to close after selecting a button that should close it. For example, zaxis, when I click done sometimes it doesn’t close. Or in actions if I click close sometimes it doesn’t.

In all cases I can see that the main window is now the primary because the buttons at the top are no longer greyed out. And if I try and click the close button in the popup nothing happens.

My solution has been to either reopen the activities menu and try again, or click something over on the machine control, such a stop or home and then the window fixes itself.

Anyone else seeing something like this?

Woah…that’s a weird one. Sorry for the trouble!

What operating system are you on?

I am on Ubuntu 17.4 I believe

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This is something I am capable of debugging. I will poke around, just interested to see if anyone else saw anything like this.

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Not that it would help, just mentioning that >lsb_release -a< revealed that I am on Ubuntu 16.10 and have not seen anything similar. >pip freeze< will output a list of installed python packages and their versions, if you wish to compare.

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So I spent a lot of time trying to track this down. I finally determined it has something to do with the alpha-channel animation on close.

Once I figured this out, I found:

Which accurately describes my issue, sadly it seems to have been closed without a fix.

I am on ubuntu 16.04.2

pip freeze outputs:


At least for me, this issue is solved if I disable the animations on close using:


I can make a ground control option that disables window animations if you like. Otherwise if animations are not necessary, I can disable completely.

Good News!!

Turns out i can just change a setting in the Kivy config file which is located in ~/.kivy/config.ini

I changed under [graphics] the maxfps from 60 to 10.

This seems to solve it, I will post back if I notice any issues.


Happy to read good news :slight_smile:

Off topic: I like this forum because I can use a Bookmark here.

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