Posting Organization?

I have two types of things that I would like to post on the community garden. I’m thinking that I would post once per category, and then fill them up with the related info, correct? I’ll be specific, so I make sense.

  1. George Hart is a sculpture artist who I’ve been in contact with because we are both involved with education. He said that as long as he’s attributed, that I could share files related to his sculptures, and the templates for his sculptures are also available, albeit not quite in files that are ready to go.

  2. I visited Cape May New Jersey, and took lots of pictures of details of Victorian porch railing and other ornate details. This is seemingly a PERFECT application for a CNC machine. I’m not going to take every picture and turn it into vector form, but I would upload the photos that I took, and then as others wanted to replicate them, they could do so and add.

Makes sense, right?


I think you have the right approach here. Since a gitHub repository can have many files and subfolders, there’s no need for a separate repo for each sculpture or picture.


I agree with @jwolter

I’ve been taking pictures of railings too and I agree that they would be a perfect application…I would love to contribute to a Victorian railings repository

The George Hart sculptures could also all go in one project, or even if we go so far as to pick one or two sculptures and get them in more of a “ready to cut” form we could have one project for each sculpture

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I think my attempt failed? :frowning:

Hmmm is it doing that consistently?

Let me see what’s going on with the garden up loader script

I think it failed because I tried to upload all my pictures in a zip file as part of the initial set up.

I did it again with just a readme file, and it worked… then I added pictures.