Pre cut sled assembly

First post, and new to the Maslow. I got my frame up and square this weekend, I ordered the jump-start kit, with the pre-made sled. Are there assembly instructions for this that anyone knows of? Newbie problems… :man_shrugging:t2:

Thanks in advance.

Who did you buy the kit from? They should have some assembly instructions posted for their specific kit.

I ordered it from the site. It was packed with no assembly instructions, so up to this point I’ve been using the forum for guidance… Lol.

I’m sure I can get it figured out basing it off of the temp / perm sled assembly threads on here, but I didn’t know if there was something already for the pre-made sled… at this point I really have no idea what any of the marks on the sled are for without anything, so I figured I would check.

I would shoot them an email or something. They’re around here sometimes @MakerMadeCNC Do you guys have instructions available somewhere?

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Thanks, Bar.

Hey Jim, yeah we’ve got a 32-page instruction manual. It’s listed on the kit shopping pages on the site, but it’s not the most obvious when scrolling past. Here’s a direct link:

Happy making, and welcome to the community


@Pkaaaaaay thanks! Much appreciated!

I appreciate the fast responses from you guys, hopefully I can get everything else buttoned up this weekend.

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