Initial Build and Setup

Hey everybody, I’ve been reading through the forums and can’t wait to get started! I built my frame/stand using the default instructions and am waiting on my pre-made sled to arrive (it shipped seperately), hopefully it will be here today. I mounted the motors and everything in the kit that I could while waiting for the sled to arrive as well as loaded my Arduino and installed GroundControl.

My question is what steps can I skip since I opted for the pre-made sled? I’m assuming I can skip Step 6: Temporary Sled, but want to make sure. Are there any instructions specific for the pre-made sled? Thanks in advance.

I would recommend installing webcontrol and follow the webcontrol wiki information for calibration. You skip the “stretch the chain” step.

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Thanks Orob, I’ll check that out now. I have a few Pis laying around, lol