Project of the Week / Community Gardener for August 29, 2018

Nominations are open for this week’s Project of the Week (PotW) and Community Gardener (CG) awards. You can nominate simply by replying to this thread. Self-nominations are allowed.

The selected project will be highlighted in the Maslow newsletter. The user will receive a “Project of the Week” or “Community Gardener” badge on the forums, a cold hard tungsten carbide prize from Bar and Hannah, and a [edit:]broken promise to come back and edit this post to put something clever here after I get home from work!

The approximate weekly schedule is: nominations close no earlier than Saturday, voting Sunday & Monday, announcement Tuesday. After nominations from the community have been made, I’ll post a poll for the community to pick a winner. If we don’t get enough nominations, I will randomly select projects from previous weeks’ nominations, the back issues of the Maslow newsletter, Made on Maslow, and of course the Community Garden website to appear in a poll. Projects that don’t win in a poll can be renominated on subsequent weeks. Any project can only win once, but any person can win multiple times.

What makes a PotW? It can be a project (old or new) made on a Maslow CNC that shows off the Maslow’s capabilities, or demonstrates a new way of using the Maslow, or just plain looks cool. There is also a Maslow Community Contributor of the Week for great contributions to the Maslow community, which is run by TheRiflesSpiral; nominations which better fit that award will be forwarded to him.

What makes a Community Gardener? It can be anyone who creates or contributes to a project on the Community Garden website ( By posting to the CG, you make the project available to the community and you create the opportunity for other users to improve on your design. Vote however you like, but I hope to encourage collaborative projects.

Final note: like most things here on the forums, the community is what makes PotW/CG successful. Suggestions for improving the PotW/CG and volunteers to help run the thread are always welcome.


@Jetstar started the period off strong with this guy:


@Mccand’s headboard is adorable! But then again, as an aeronautical fan, I can’t leave out @Sreenigne’s biplane!


Hey, I’ve got an idea, polls! As always, there are polls for both Community Gardener and Project of the Week, so scroll down and vote twice.

Community Gardener

  • Pine Ipod Case
  • Fancy Cupcake Stand
  • Storage Rack for Plastic Organisers
  • Arduino Plug

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Arduino Plug

Storage Rack for Plastic Organisers

Fancy Cupcake Stand

Pine Ipod Case

Project of the Week

  • Jetstar's Big T-Rex
  • Mccand's Unicorn Headboard
  • Sreenigne's Ride-on Biplane

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Sreenigne's Ride-on Biplane

Mccand's Unicorn Headboard

Jetstar's Big T-Rex

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This week’s Community Garden was a runaway for the Fancy Cupcake Stand. Meanwhile the Project of the Week competition couldn’t have been any closer except with a tie. Congratulations to Mccand for pulling out a win with the Unicorn Headboard! Great projects, everyone–now get back to work!