Push to extend bug?

Reviewing this thread it looks like soldering the boards in the arms provides some level of solution but also allowing for static build up to reduce also helps. That said there is no data on what is causing the behaviour.

I’ve Telnet’ed to the Maslow but the output doesn’t give any detail. Is there a log (or log increase setting) that shows how the belt sensors/motors, etc., are being controlled?

I’m still seeing the push to extend issue on my bottom left arm. I’m on 0.75.


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Oh yes, the issue had happened off and on several times and this last time around I could never get the chips to switch back. Saturday I tried unplugging overnight without success.

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That is excellent feedback! Thanks for confirming that!

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I ordered some new boards that had the directional pins grounded and the Maslow is back in action and working much better.

@bar - These were the boards that I ordered last week that were pre-soldered. So far so good - will keep an eye on them and update if I see the behavior where belt extension is not functioning. Just an update/FYI.

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Excellent, glad to hear it!