Maslow #29 BuildLog

I received the Maslow 4 in the mail yesterday and started assembly. I had a surprise when I opened it as one of the screw bags had burst open.

Here is a look at the parts in the box.

Following the directions I found this an easier way to assemble the encoder portion. Placing the rollers in the bottom first noting magnet placement. Also the directions don’t indicate to put Loctite on the grub screw for the drive gear, but I did.

For the uprights I found it easiest to use a separate driver and use the included hex key to slide the nut in place.

One useful tip for getting the belts into the ends was to use a clamp to squish them together while driving the screw.

Also on the router clamp the directions say to remove the V shaped piece to insert the nuts. That isn’t required, you can get the lock nuts in there without removing it.

Getting to the electronics. I had it bolted together with the cover attached then I realized the heatsinks in the one bag. I pulled the cover back off to start placing heat sinks and then realized the one capacitor (I think?) 22 63V RVT isn’t secured. I’m guessing this might have been damaged in the shipping process as my box looked like it took quite a beating.

A better idea of what I see.

Unfortunate for sure :frowning:


Fully assembled, except the electronics. @bar would it be possible to mail the board back to you to get it fixed?

Anchors have been glued.

Your cap is a simple 2 minute fix if you have a soldering iron.

I do have a soldering iron, but it isn’t a through hole connector and there is a little plastic piece just below.

What does the bottom of the board look like

If the cap leads come through the back it should be an easy fix.

They don’t so what I’m thinking I might do is attach some small wire leads to the cap and then to the board and hot glue it down. Of course I can’t find the solder so need to run out and get some.

It seems like almost everyone’s screw bags are exploding. We’re going to have to come up with a better packing system for those.

That is a great suggestion, we should suggest that. You are talking about the thread locker, right? Not the loctite brand super glue that comes in the box :grin:

Yeah, that isn’t right :grimacing: Send me a message with your address and I will get a replacement in the mail today. Feel free to run it without the capacitor there until the replacement arrives. I’m pretty sure that the board will actually work fine without it and it certainly won’t damage any of the other parts to use it that way.

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Yes you are correct the thread locker.



Well I’ve got it put together with the missing capacitor for now.

I started out with the calibration directions, though stuff quickly turned south.

So south that two of the belts went in the opposite direction, which I don’t think is intended.

I’m not sure how to get these back to the correct orientation either as when I click comply I can only move the bottom left belt.

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Alright got all but the second from the top belt spooled back in the correct direction. I can’t seem to get that one to do anything. Is there a command I can send to just move that motor a certain number of steps?

I’ll say that while this is not a normal thing to do, it is useful to have some
capability to do this.

David Lang

Woah! I’ve never seen that before. What happened before that? What was the machine doing when they rotated?

There is not, but it seems like a reasonable thing to add…although ideally I would like to make it so that it’s never needed.

I had started the calibration after the machine was in the center of the work area. It started rotating and eventually got to the wrong direction before the calibration loosened all the left belts and fully tightened the right belts. It sat there a few minutes and then took off towards the top right until it was off the 4x8 sheet and fully tightened to the upper right pivot point.

To be honest I thought that was just part of the normal calibration routine

It seems like the calibration process is catching up a lot of folks so I’m going to make a video showing the whole process from start to finish so it’s more clear what it is supposed to look like.

my uninformed guess would be that you hooked the belts up in a different pattern
than the machine expected.

possibly during assembly, the order/direction ended up wrong.

David Lang