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Question from an interested person

I have been looking at CNC machines and came across this. It looks interesting, and able to cut larger sizes at an affordable price. I looked through some of the other questions, and will try not to repeat. My question is on carving, rather than cutting. If I wish to carve a picture into a panel (such as a cabinet door insert), does the Maslow work well for this? When changing bits, is it easy to do without having to re-zero everything? Also, are there any books, manuals, etc. that is recommended for reading?

I can answer at least one question: I have to re-zero the Z axis every time I change a bit. And I have done some carving quite successfully, but nothing where the depth mattered on a mm basis, just so that there are different depths.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for that. What kind of accuracy are you getting? Also, any pics of your carvings?

Just yesterday, I posted a sign I made.

The accuracy of my setup is not great, but good enough for signs and coffee tables. I tried some boxes but wasn’t very successful. Others have way better accuracy, but I am not the best person doing setups like this. :exploding_head:

Looks great!

Thank you, the recipient was overwhelmed :smiley:

I’ve used v-carve in fusion to carve drawings. It’s not fast, but it works. You just have to make sure you don’t cut away so much marerial that the sled falls into the holes.

The z-axis can be set automatically and quite precise

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