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Pre-purchase questions from Dutch user


my birthday is coming up, so I thought the Maslow/Makermade CNC machine would be a very nice gift to ak for :wink: But after looking at You Tube, different websites and this forum there are still some questions that linger. Hopefully you can help me out…

  1. I live in The Netherlands, and I can’t buy the recommended Rigid Router. I do however want to have Z-axis automation. I own an old Ferm router (Ferm PRM1015), but it has no height adjustment, you just have to manually push it down. Could this router be used, and what do I need for that? If it’s unusable, what routers that can be bought locally are good? We do have De Walt, Makita, Bosch etc, but typenumbers seems to very between countries…

  2. We use the metric system. Does the software used allow to use metric? If I have to use Imperial it would be too difficult for me (would have to recalculate everything manually).

  3. What kind of maintenance should I expect uring use? I guess the chains will need to be lubricated, but what else?

  4. Is there a Dutch user here that wouldn’t mind me coming over to see the machine in action?

Thans for ypur help!

Kind regards


  1. Makita or dewalt will work as long as you have the correct clamp for your Z axis. Use one that has speed control and turn it all the way down. You will want to buy a sled that has the better z axis like the M2 or metalmaslow cbeam or gantry sled.
  2. All my cuts are in mm and I live in the US. The system works with either. The gcode has a G20 or G21 code at the beginning that tells the system what the unit measurements are and the system will cut with either one as long as it is specified.
  3. Maintenance for me has primarily been new bits/mills when they get dull, cleaning the system of dust and debris, and checking set screws and periodically recalibrating if it is off. Generally speaking, there isn’t much to do. Others have reported changing the brushes on their router.
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Hi BlueDog
I am also in Europe… looking at the BOSCH POF1200 as the AEG is way more expensive… Here is the conversion hack.

I recall there being 3d-orint files available somewhere for the extra bots - but I havent found them yet…

Greets from Malaga

Hi Malaga,

Thank you for your reply and info. Very useful! Ill be sure to look into that! Good to see the user forum is up and running. I’n sure a lot if people can give and use good tips.

Kind regards

Hi Orob,

thank you for your reply. I’m glad the metric scal will work and there is no crazy maintenance schedule.:wink:

@Bluedog have a look at the pictures in this post from a day after yours - it illustrates how people are using C-Beam assemblies from online stores to adapt all manner of existing routers:

I have done this myself to adapt an Ozito brand router which is what is sold at the local improvement store here in New Zealand.

If you are of the skill-level to build a maslow frame then you could probably attempt this sort of apprach for your Z automation too.

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Hallo Bas,

Als je dat nog steeds wilt kun je bij mij de Maslow in actie komen bekijken. Hij staat in langeraar in zuid holland. Ben jij in de buurt?



Hoi Arjen,

Dank voor je aanbod!!! Maak ik graag gebruik van. Ik woon bij Zeist maar rij regelmatig die kant op. Dus ik zal je een berichtje sturen als ik weereens in de buurt ben🙂.

Vriendelijke groet

Bas Wolvers

the makita clones are typically pretty good and are inexpensive. VonHaus Router | 710W | 3 Collets: 1/4 inch, 6 mm, 8 mm with trimmer for wood and laminate flooring.: Baumarkt

they work great with our kits. We can ship to Europe for about $125 for a full kit.
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