Questions about installing GroundControl on MacOS

i have just order my maslow CNC , and eagerly waiting for it to arrive end of February.

my issue is this,
following the instructions for installing Grouncontrol on my MacOS system,

it asks me to run homebrew, kivy dependencies ect via command prompt.

i have tried to this using the Terminal application on my app.

first question, if this is the application to do this with- or is it actually within the ground control application (i couldn’t find a command prompt bar inside ground control)?

is this something you do, when you have the Maslow hardware connected to the Mac, or is this something i can do now?

secondly, is it completely necessary to do this, as it seems the application works without doing these commands?

My experience on Mac is that you just need to download the DMG file and run it. You’ll need to give it permission to run the first time. My understanding is that installing HomeBrew and Kivy if you plan to run GroundControl from the source. You can (and should) install this all ahead of time. That way if you do run into trouble, it won’t hold you up during your build!



Welcome to or group. On a Mac you have many options to run Ground Control.

First if your in Ground Control - Job Done. At times there can be advantages in running form source. It sounds like you are running from precompiled .DMG

On the basic mac platform it’s either or for most people. Again I think from what your saying you have been able to run Ground Control. If you were experiencing problems there is the option of running Linux form a USB flash memory stick. Lastly you can install Windows as a dual boot option on the Mac with the Boot Camp utility.

In the mean time you will also want o get the Arduino IDE installed for uploading the firmware to your controller.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you


right, so its up and running!
so nothing more to do until i build the machine!

thank you so much guys


If you’ve got a spare Arduino Mega available, there’s a way to “play around” with GroundControl while you wait :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:for the kit…
In the firmware look in the file ‘cnc_cntrl_v1/Config.h’ and uncomment the line
// #define FAKE_SERVO // Uncomment this line to cause the Firmware to mimic
(it becomes:)
#define FAKE_SERVO // Uncomment this line to cause the Firmware to mimic

Upload to the Arduino Mega and you can tell GroundControl which port it’s connected to (quit Arduino first) and it will think there are motors attached to the Arduino. You can ‘drive around’ the screen or run a gcode cut file and watch the virtual router make virtual chips!


This question has come up before so the directions were clearly not clear :wink:

I’ve edited the wiki to make it more clear that you don’t need to go on to the next steps and that stopping after step three is enough.