Quick Disconnect for Sled Chains, need electrical quick disconnect

I found I have had to remove the sled enough times that it because a pain. Quick disconnect works great. redid calibration afterwards.

I have the home position lower then before, that helps account for some of the connectors length. it

does affect the measurements some but for my projects it has not been enough to cause issues. I mount the workpiece so more of the cutting is higher then normal to account for the lower home position.
I used a regular cable clamp on the chain and that also used up some chain length

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Looks like a great set up. Curious, though, how pulling the current default pin out of the chain wasn’t quick enough?

Before answering I have to admit I’m lazy so I want the easiest way. One of the times I was putting the sled back on I dropped it and knocked my Z-axis motor lose. The was enough to motivate me to do the extra work to install the quick disconnects.
To say I’m a bit butterfingered at times is would be accurate.

Agreed that it can be a little awkward at times with the default set up. You definitely have a quick and easy solution. Thanks for sharing.

Need electrical quick disconnect? Can you expand on what you mean by this? I at one time looked at a full snap in wiring harness using a card edge connector. Once I had most of it worked out I realized I really didn’t need it.

Thank you

For electrical, use a rubber band instead of a zip tie on the z-axis motor wire and it’s pretty easy to remove if needed. The router shouldn’t need a quick disconnect, there’s no real reason to send its cord back towards the maslow board. In fact i’ve got my router cord plugged into an extension cord that’s looped through a bungee that is suspended from the ceiling, to prevent the cord/extension from dragging on the ground.


I disconnect my Z axis at the shield. I have a 3D printed retainer around the Z keeping the wire from moving at the motor.

Thank you

I’ve been using plastic zip ties to hold the cable going to the Z-axis motor so that the cable does not flex at the motor connection. I want to avoid issues with connector/wire fatigue at the motor connect. So when I remove the sled i’ve got to undo or cut the tie.
I was imagining a connector at the top of my work surface that i could disconnect the control wire. My driver board is mounted in a place that is hard to reach from the front of the machine

But Jatt answered with an great solution. Use a rubber band. That is so great that I’m embarrassed that i didn’t think of it.

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I have access to a 3-D printer, can I get the design files for the clip, please. I’d like to try it.

Great idea, I will switch to using a rubber band. I’m also planning to do something similar with suspending the cable with a bungee.

Thank you.

I PM’d you but you can see it in Stupid Pet tricks -

Thank you

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The rubber bands that come in the kit on the standard motor cables are ideal to hold the Z axis cable to the motor housing when doubled up a few times. So you actually get everything you need in the kit still (mine came in March and I don’t think there was a ziptie, which is why I fell back to the elastic during setup).

Yes. I see them. Thank you. looks like it will be great addition to my machine