Stupid Pet tricks - pencil cap

That’ll do it! 01234 (5.6 KB)

As requested - It is untested but should work. The file should be .stl as you are not allowed to upload .stl I renamed it to .nc

Download, rename from .nc to .stl and print. let me know if it needs any adjustments

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I added .stl to the allowed file name list so we should be good going forward


you mean something like

Actually, @Bee’s chucks up in the router, making it suitable for any machine that can accommodate a 1/2" shank. Very nice!. Makes the z-axis control the marks as well.

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re uploading as STL (5.6 KB)


Todays 3D printed add on - a simple plug for the power port on the Arduino to make me plug into the Shield. I know someone posted a better plug cover but this one takes about 25 min to print vs close to an hour.


I’ll post some of these to Thingiverse in the near future. I have lost faith in it as a repository. In my testing about 200 out of every 1000 files is 404 on that site. I was a very early poster on it and several of my posts have gone missing. - just a FYI


I once again seem to be using my tools to make tools for my tools …


Today was about the Z axis - Tension retainer





Hey Bee, I see you have a MP delta printer. Any trouble with it?
I have the MP mini. Seems to work pretty well so far.
Thanks for posting your photos and files. Should be real helpful when I start my build.


The MP Delta is one of the best printers I’ve used. The quality matches tat of a $4k printer I had access to for a while. That said it’s still a 3D printer. Some times it just tries to do the wrong thing. It really was like a 7 minute set up from box to starting the first print.

I hear the MP mini is a solid machine I have a friend that has one.

Thanks for you feed back

I have an MP Delta, either my bed is warped or there is a problem with one of the auto level sensors. I haven’t had time to figure out which is the case, but aside from the fact that so far the bed doesn’t autolevel and the print head scrapes the surface (bc of that autolevel issue) everything else about the printer seems promising. I have high hopes that I’ll be able to figure out the autolevel problem

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What software are you printing form on The MP DELTA? I’m using Cura ands Simplify 3D.

Thank you

I have only used Cura

My previous experience with 3d printing has all been from the design side and using the Shapeways service, so having my own printer is a new experience (I have a decent amount of experience with CNC mills and lathes). Unfortunately, a full time job, two small kids, and a full list of projects around the house has put the MP Delta near the bottom of the priority list. The Maslow is near the top, but is awaiting my finishing my workshop enough to actually install it. Soon…

So this fits like a glove -

Proof of concept complete. I now need to finish the design with amounting system and print it out of High Temp ABS.

Thank you


will this really work?
my son is thinking that this would be a good way to test things out
before cutting.

I use the pencil cap. and it worked for me. I have not tried the printed pencil holder for the chuck. the files are shared through the community garden.

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More Tips N tricks -

I used the center cut out of my sled to make a pencil holder. I draw on my Maslow all the time. I just used a screw to anchor it :slight_smile:

I used the cap of a water bottle cut in half to make a holder for my zip ties. The cap keeps the pressure of the screw distributed so the bottle won’t tear.

Lastly - I’m currently printing a Bungie Cap for my router.

Thank you


Oh, I like that bungie cap!

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