Maslow without z axis

Dumb question, im new at this and waiting for my Maslow to show up in June. how does the router get out of the cut when your path has tabs? Do you have to lift the sled up every time it hits a tab.

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If you don’t have a z-axis kit installed, GC will stop when it needs to change depth and you have to manually go and set the depth on the router… every single time there’s a depth change. I cannot imagine every trying to use Maslow without a z-Axis kit unless all you intend to do is to cut very thin material that can be cut in a single pass.

If you didn’t order a z-axis kit, I recommend getting one (either from store or building one of the alternate z-axis designs)


Thank you
That’s what I thought. I saw the timelasp video on wired and the machine took 3 passes and had tabs left on.
Going to throw the z axis in the cart.
Is there a better z axis for this?

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“Better” is a relative term. I doubt you’ll find a cheaper z-axis than the stock kit. The stock z-axis works, although it requires careful adjustment of the router base (loose enough that the motor body slides smoothly, tight enough that it doesn’t rattle), and a bungee cord to hold the motor body down. The plastic nut that rides on the lead screw has a bit of slop.

A z-axis based on a lead screw or ball screw with a better quality nut will probably give more accurate z movement. It might even be a bit better in x and y because the router base wasn’t really designed for how we use it. Someone else will have to comment on price, but I’m sure more than stock. The Meticulous Z-Axis is a good example, although others have their own designs as well.