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Question about Cutting circles

hello all I have a strange problem cutting circles in ground control.
the circle cuts in 4 segments (does a 4 arcs cut movement not a single circular) this makes the cut time 4 times longer because the machines pauses 4 times in each circle I cut. the file is correct ( I have a lot of experience in cnc cutting and I prepare the file correct for cutting. ( a single line with no segments inside the line) this happens only on circles, the straight lines are cutting normally.

any ideas ?

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can you post the gcode file?

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it is very complex as a file but all the straight lines are cutting at normal speed.

Is this made with online makercam set to metric? It looks like…

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yes it is !

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G3 X-543.1928934010152 Y104.12436548223351 I-9.32741116751269 J0 F1500

The crazy number of digits gave it away. Thats the fist to take care of. I would not dare to try to add 2 of those numbers, and you are asking the firmware and the arduino to create position calculations out of it.
The project looks amazing and i might see 1 or 2 more hurdles, but step by step :slight_smile:


the final result was perfect but it took 30 hours to complete !!!

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Can you give me hint on which one to look at? I see ALLOT. Is that on all circles?

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My first suggestion is that you suppress some of the decimal precision. Anything under .01mm is well beyond the precision of the Maslow.

it is an “island cut” all circles extrude from the wood and yes they are all circles and all had the same problem…

how to do that? is there a command on ground control to ignore these? or to make the numbers smaller?

I can’t confirm that for the few i looked at. Much more segments!
What would require 1 or 2 lines of g-code is here 16 or so for 1 circle.

@gero’s point about having the arduino parse out that number of decimals is a good point. I would also say that I see a lot of arcs, with only a few that have a full circle notation in the gcode, such as toward the end:
G2 X-722.1649746192894 Y226.89340101522842 I18.532994923857867 J0

If the Maslow is pausing while cutting a circle using a gcode line like that, then there is certainly a problem.

I believe that is done in the CAM (I’d have to look through the forum to find the threads that deal with it. Unfortunately I don’t use MakerCam, so I don’t have the knowledge at my fingertips)

would it help to upload the svg file?

sure would, if only to get a sense of what you are trying to do.


I am trying to remove all the wood surface and leave the circles extrude 8 mm

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There is a setting in GC to truncate numbers that is OFF by default. It’s worth a try.
There is a fixed version of makercam, that does not produce this numbers in the first place.


I believe that link is in this thread

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