Random GC bug - view

Just want to report a small bug. Doesn’t really bother me too much, but thought I’d mention it anyway - on macOS after viewing ‘settings’, clicking on a setting, closing settings dialog… The view is super zoomed out.

This has been reproducible for me again and again.

Also, another small bug… Pinch to zoom is not working for me anymore.

Edit: These are as of v1.11 - should I report them on GitHub? Makes sense to track issues there


workaround: clicking ‘reset view’ in the Actions menu restores the default view.

You can open issues on in the Issues section of Ground Control on Github. https://github.com/MaslowCNC/GroundControl/issues


That’s a good idea, that will make sure it doesn’t get lost in the scroll here on the forum. Do you remember if the same thing happened on earlier versions?

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yes. (and here are more characters)

Yeah, that’s why I said it doesn’t bother me much - but I figure it’s better to report it out it won’t ever get fixed.

I had v1.10 for about a day, and never made it through calibrations, so I can’t say for sure

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I’ve been trying to reproduce this, but haven’t found the sequence that does it. If you have time, see if you can come up with the sequence.

‘Super zoomed out’ sound like the view that Actions/ResetView brings up for me. I could wish that did a better job of sizing the workarea to the window.

by ‘super zoomed out’ I think he means that the entire work surface appears to be a lump of a few pixels, or is off screen entirely, as if viewed from 500’ away from the default view.

again ‘reset view’ sets it to ‘workspace = screen’ more or less.

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I’m on a screen 5120x2664 but the ‘Reset view’ renders the workarea as a rectangle 1100x552 in the middle.

This is exactly correct.

The sequence is as follows (from main GC screen):

  • click ‘settings’
  • open a setting or interact with any setting
  • press ‘close’

Remember, I am on a Mac - so it’s possible this problem is platform specific

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I’m on a Mac as well. Is “500’ away” something like the screenshot I posted?

Yes, and often times the workspace is even much smaller. I will take some video tomorrow

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getting there, but again, ‘so far away that it’s nearly unidentifiable’

On ubuntu it reacts with the middle wheel scrolling and goes both ways.
Scrolling down in settings zooms out. Scrolling up in settings zooms in. Even if the window in settings can’t be scrolled any more the wheel turns still effect the canvas


Ahh… I’m willing to bet that this is the issue. Since I am scrolling down to interact with settings, the canvas is scrolling as well.

I’m pretty sure you just hit the nail on the head


It looks like this affects all platforms, we need to keep the scroll from “leaking through” the popup. While we’re at it, scrolling in the terminal portion at the right edge of the screen leaks through too. We need a Kivy-Master for this.

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I notice that the “Open File” popup doesn’t leak…