Maslow (Kivy) maximizing and app change

I suspect this is more of a Kivy problem but can’t seem to find a solution to this.

Using Windows 10. I run Ground Control in fullscreen mode because if I don’t, the buttons at the top of the page are mostly offscreen.

So then in fullscreen mode, if I switch to another app (to fix gcode for instance) and then back to the GC UI, the screen doesn’t go back to fullscreen correctly. It’s kind of fullscreen, as in, no windows border, but it’s offset down and to the right by about 1/3 of the screen in both directions. Takes a restart of GC to fix. Makes it difficult to use especially when running long gcode files.

Anyone know how to 1) use it in windowed mode AND see all of the buttons? OR 2) use in fullscreen and be able to switch in and out of the app with no screen issues?

Thanks All.

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What is your screen size/resolution? (Is this on a netbook by any chance?)

I see this in OS X in windowed mode as well.

1920x1080 … just a plain jane HP Win 10 laptop.