Ground Control crashing when full screen on Mac

I just borrowed @hannah’s computer to test the new menu system on Mac and while the menu system worked on Mac it seemed like maximizing the Ground Control window consistently crashed python.

Does anyone else see this behavior on Mac?

I’ve tested on three different OSX versions and platforms without issue, with Kivy full-screen on or off. I do notice that when Kivy full-screen is turned on in the settings, when GC starts up the initial zoom is incorrect, probably due to the retina resolution.

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Thanks for testing that @blurfl!

Hannah’s computer hard drive recently crashed and we swaped it for a new one so I’m guess something in the python install broke in that process

if you use the MakeSymlinks tool in the .dmg after copying groundcontrol to Applications, you shouldn’t need anything else, it should use the canned Kivy and python from the .app after that.
That said, does it crash if you cd into /Applications/ and run it from the terminal from there?