Raspberry Pi GC Connection Lost error

Ground Control runs fine on my mac, but I am running into an error when I try to run GC on my Raspberry Pi 3. I am connecting to /dev/ttyACM0. I have even ‘chmod ugo+wrx /dev/ttyACM0’.

I get messages that i am “Connected”, but then Connection timed out and i get “Connection Lost”.
The GC console says that Pyserial version 3.x is needed. version 2.6 is installed.

any suggestions?

Here are the project docs -


Discussion -


It’s going to depend on your version of Python

Thank you

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Thank you

sudo pip install --upgrade pyserial <---- fixed my problem. Now on to building my frame and getting everything up and running. Thanks a ton.


You are most welcome.

you might want to see the reading list here:

May the force be with you. I’m trying to set up a Pi3 right now. I may have questions down the road about your Pi setup and experiences.

Thank you

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