Serial connection on raspberry pi issue (WebControl

MadGrizzle helped me the other day to set up my raspberry pi to run my 3D-printer, MPCNC and MaslowCNC from it.
Now that my ip-port issue is resolved I encountered a new port-issue. The drop-downlist in WebControl (Settings/Maslow Settings/Serial Connection) does not contain the COM-port I need and therefore my Maslow won’t move.
In CNCjs (which I use for my MPCNC) I can see and select both COM-ports (MaslowCNC (ttyACM1) and MPCNC (ttyACM0)), but in WebControl I can’t see them. The only COM-ports I can select in WebControl are ttyAMA0 and ttyprintk.

Is there a way to manually input the correct COM-port? Or is there another solution to my issue?


Did you press the refresh symbol next to the port entry?

Multiple times. I know it changed because initially it stated COM3 which is the correct port in GroundControl.

Did you try ttyACM0?

Sorry… meant ttyAMA0

Yes, a pop-up appears regarding lost connection or lack of installed firmware.

The code to refresh the list uses built in Linux routine to determine available ports. Is there a chance that the port is still in use by some other software?

sysports = glob.glob("/dev/tty[A-Za-z]*")

That’s the code that’s used. I’m not sure why you can’t find the controller.

The good old reboot solved my problem.