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Repeated Alarm every 30 seconds

Can anybody tell me why I keep getting this Alarm? As you see I am running Makerverse on a windows laptop, with the Mega board. I am creating my Gcode using KrabzCam from and SVG file

I am able to hit pause and then play again and that is how the code continues to reappear here on my pic. but I do not want to stand and hit pause and play every 30 seconds on a 3 hour cut

Thanks for any ideas

I had a similar issue, seemed to be related to radiuses (G2 command). I re-exported without the radiuses (an option to uncheck in Fusion360) and the issue was gone.

I think it might be a firmware bug. @zaneclaes ?

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Sounds like firmware to me. But I’m not quite sure where the culprit would lie. I doubt this is a byproduct of my changes, but that is not impossible. I could help guide in a debugging process if that were useful, but I cannot actually do the debugging myself at the moment.

For example, to begin, I would try issuing the problematic command independently via the console to attempt to reproduce the problem. From there, begin changing the G2 parameters to isolate the cause. If the issue persists, I’d take a look at EEPROM settings & firmware source code.

If nobody else is able to investigate, I’ll try to loop back on this.

I’ve attached a GCode file that always crashes for me in the spot marked by an arrow. It’s in the first ~20 lines of the file. (270.5 KB)

Here’s a screenshot I took when it crashed in that corner (and a copy/paste of the console for good measure):

log.txt (284 Bytes)

This was an error with the G2 lines. I generated a G-code on KrabzCam after checking the box “disable Arc Interpolation” and it worked just find, thanks for the hints.

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Hi, would it be possible for you to post an svg-sample (doesn’t have to be the whole design, just the part causing the problem) and the parameter-values you used, so I can have a look?
Maybe I can use it to make some improvements to Krabzcam.

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Fin Mike

Here you go…it is a logo for a sign for a friends popcorn company

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Nice, what kind of cut did you make?
Do you remember the parameter-values you used?

Thanks for the svg @Mike_Hennie , it helped me locate some issues.

The usual suspects for these kinds of problems are related to arc-movements and radius conflicts,
but I couldn’t find any of those (assuming you did a follow-path operation).
So I don’t know if the kind of problem you had is solved, but maybe…I’ve done a lot of other changes in the last week as well.

I noticed that your file contained duplicate paths everywhere. This causes problems for most operation types in Krabzcam.
So while testing, I did some cleanup and removed these duplicates.
Now the file can also be used for nice v-pockets etc. Hope you find that useful.