Runnability issues

ok well starting with this
windows 7 64 bit
makermade m2
makerverse software
been away from this for couple months and ready to work with it again. Started it up and now wont connect via com5 as it did before regardless which port i have it plugged into. so “created” a new machine in makerverse. and without calibration on the new dashboard made a component, had a couple small issues that were do to my lack of fusion foo, trying to make the next piece and it moves 2mm and throws a soft alert error. i reset unlock and start then throws again, i then put the design of the part that cut yesterday and it throws a alarm again.
so figured was a calibration issue. well figured if i have to calibrate i mite as well get the newest version so downloaded and installed, now while attempting the calibration i get to the z height calibration and throws a soft alarm while not moving the physical z, i reset unlocked and it says it moves but doesn’t. ok so bug there move onto the chain calibration. while starting that and using the x and y buttons it does nothing… it says it does but doesn’t physically work. i close the calibration and i can use the x and y but while trying to move z it throws alarm.

So am i really going to have to uninstall and reinstall the software to an earlier version? in that earlier version why would it throw an alarm? why would it not accept the com5 which worked fine before? why would i not be able to change the com port on the dashboard without having to recalibrate?
are these issues normal after not using the machine for a time? nothing has changed from previous successful cuts too my new frustration

Turn off soft alarm, reset z, turn back on. I had to do it and showed how in youtube video linked in makerverse basics wiki.

thank you ill check that out

k that got me back on track, i had to make that value 0, if i attempted to make it 2 while it was saving it would revert back to 1, i then took to 0 saved it saved 0 then i made value 1 saved it saved 1 then i tried 2 and it reverted back to 1, so for this piece i made it 0 and monitored it for its hour cut.

it must be set up as boolean type so either, but only true (1) or false (0).