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Krabzcam help? not making perfect gcodes

Hi anyone else use the krabzcam? I really like it but lately it makes and extra circle or many extra circles randomly (like 3-10 inches wide), maybe a fault with me .svg file? can anyone help? I couldn’t get anything else to work on my mac. I’m loading them into ground control

This is usually caused by arcs which begin and end at the same point leading to issues with Ground Control understanding them.

This forum thread might offer one solution:

thanks! definitely having trouble figuring out how to get that gcodeclean to work, do I need a program on my mac to run it?

There’s a self-contained build for OSX that works from the terminal window / command line / bash (whatever term you understand).

Here’s the link to take you directly to the latest release:

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Hi, I did an update of krabzcam yesterday. Maybe it had something to do with it.
If you can provide me with a sample svg and your settings, then I can look into it.

Best regards

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Can you try again now. It may have been caused by outputting gcode-numbers in scientific (exponent) notation. I’ve just added a fix to prevent that.


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yes! looks perfect. thank you so much!

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