Finally ready, now struggling with Gcode

I had my maslow lying around for more then a year and since we are in corona lockdown I took the time to install.
It’s a bit of a Redneck build because I had to use what was lying around.
I made a metal frame from 40/40 mm square tube, the weights are old disc brakes and I struggled a little bit with the calibration but it turned out very nice.
I was able to do some manual cuts and a cirkel (I used jscut) and the cirkel is actually round !
Now the biggest surprise for me was that the isn’t working anymore.

I want to use the maslow to cut objects that I created in Rhino.
I have fusion but the learning seams to steep and I want to start cutting fast.

What do you guys recommend for (easy) generating G code?



If you feel like spending the money, there is a CAM plugin for Rhino. I used it with Rhino 3.0 back when I first graduated from college, and it worked pretty well.

I’m a huge advocate for Fusion 360, though. It uses a different approach to modeling, though, so it needs some getting used to. I learned using some YouTube videos, and I think that made it a lot easier for me.

This video is a great starting point:

I am not going to learn another 3D program, I do al my designs in rhino and I just need 2D cuts, I should be able to make pads from a line drawing easy I was hoping

If you want a quick and easy to use design software I would recommend easel from inventables. Couple of YouTube videos over the course of half an hour or so and you’ll be rolling right along. Design in easel and export to ground control, home it and run. Great software for beginners and it’s free.

Hi, you could try this one:
It’s similar to MakerCAM, but written in javascript.
Convert SVGs to paths-only beforehand.
Press ‘HELP’ for instructions on how to use.
User feedback is appreciated!
Best regards

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Presumably you mean:

Why not get RhinoCAM?

Or, if Rhino can export DXF then try dxf2gcode.

because I am a MAC user, I’ll try the dxf2gcode


Hey @Raf_Jaeken. You can export Rhino files as IGES which can then import into Fusion360. Layout your pieces flat in Rhino before export. Then in Fusion you just import and go to Manufacture/CAM workspace and you can quickly create machine paths using the imported objects.
There is a fair bit of setup in Fusion360: to define tools, speeds, default options, and Maslow Post Processor (to export gcode). This is most one time stuff and after that gcode generation is very fast.

thanks for the help all, I ended up exporting to dxf and then import into easel, works great!

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This will work for a new link

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