Ridgid 2200 collet nut replacement info

Hi everyone,

Spent a “few” minutes looking for an extra collet nut replacement today. My current part is fine, I wanted to get an extra one or two so I can replace the collet with some different sizes found on ol Amazon.

Part # 201389001

Direct link to part if you don’t have/like/use/etc Amazon

Amazon link

Removing the retainer ring on mine ,it has about 2.5/3 wraps around the collet, and just use a very thin blade (I used razor blade) to get the first ring out of the track and then just work it off. Easier then I thought!
Still, I’m Looking forward to getting a couple extra nuts so I won’t need to spend time changing collets out of the nut .

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Pics of the retainer ring and original collet removed, with replacement collet in place. ( If this is incorrect way to hold collets in place, I would very much appreciate a heads up, tho I did spin it up to check for wobble and no issues spotted yet while hand holding it.)

Gonna post the link to the collets in the background to save some time. (Pretty sure someone will ask, haha!)

Mind you, I have NOT tested these out yet as of 03.27.2020, I’ll make an update when I do, at least for the 4mm ( 5/32 ) collet as that will get used. :wink:

Not sure if you are the same person, but this person posted on Youtube recommending the same ER16 collet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlsqfYORw5M

Thank you for the YT link. Checking it out.
(Hoping to get a few minutes here and there to use my Maslow again…