Ridgid R22002 Cutter Router Bit

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I’m just assembling my Maslow. I did bought a router Ridgid R22002, but there was no drill/cutter for it. Just the machine. What kind of bit should I buy? I never had a router before, so I totally don’t know what is needed. Would it be something similar to this piece in the link underneath?? Could you advice what’s the best to buy?

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The bit you posted is for making T-Slots and is not something that will work with the Maslow.
You should look for 1 or 2 flute, up- or down-cut bits. The shank size should match your router collet, the cutting size depends on what you want to cut.

Go for cheap bit for the start, as you might burn some in the learning process.

Maybe something like this:

A video comparing bits:


Thanks a lot! That was really helpful. Just ordered it :wink:


Shank Diameter: 6mm, don’t think the

Has that collet… What is the collet diameter of it?

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it has 1/2" and 1/4" collets

Sorry for the metric link. Hope you can cancel the order go for something like this:

This are just examples, not telling what to buy. That will depend allot on the project and material you plan.

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