Updates to the FAQ?

I can’'t edit the FAQ, I think these need to be updated , I’m not sure if this is right place to post however-

What will I have to purchase once my kit arrives?

You will need to buy two bricks, two sheets of 3/4 in plywood, and three 10’ 2x4s. You will also need a fixed base router. We recommend the Ridgid R22002 or the AEG MF 1400 KE if you are based in the EU.

  • correction ( you Need Four 2x 4’s)

What kind of end mill should I use?

That depends on the job at hand, but I’ve been enjoying using these 1/8th inch end mills for general cutting. They are cheap and well made.

I prefer the suggested from the Wiki -

  • correction ( I would suggest metioning these are 1/8th inch and depending on the router you have you may need to buy and additional 1/4 to 1/8 inch addaptor, this is inclludded with the suggested RIDGID Model # R22002 but may not with other brands )

I also suggest you add an option to include a “Starter Bit” with the kit in the store.

I will be getting a set of bits from Maslow as soon as I have my mine up and running.

Perhaps A deluxe kit could be offered with a “Set of Bits”

More food for thought -


HD says those are 1/4, not 1/8".

FWIW I got a 1/2" collet set from MLCS that includes 1/8". Looks good but haven’t tried it yet. Have a fair collection of 1/8 endmills for the Zenbot Mini, sourced from the Drillman on eBay, that work well with the ZB. Plan to try them on the maslow

"What kind of end mill should I use?

That depends on the job at hand, but I’ve been enjoying using these 1/8th inch end mills for general cutting. They are cheap and well made."

this is the one shown in the FAQ -

  • I like the one shown in the Wiki because it’s 1/4 inch and it’s stated they work for a good 2 weeks non stop. This is why I chose to wait for that one.

I have the 1/8th inch ones shown above for my Shapeoko 3 - but I figured starting with 1/8th inch is asking for trouble as a noob it’s probably easier to break them. I’m learning 2 different CNC routers at the same time.

This all took place before the bits were added to the Maslow site.

Can anyone weigh in on 1/4 vs 1/8 inch and durability?


I’ve only run 1/8" engraving bits on my machine so far. Haven’t had any issue with breakage on the machine, but when I went to change tools on my last run the wrench slipped and I broke the tip off the engraving bit when it fell into my steel hardware cabinet next to it. Note to self: make sure there’s no steel within slipping distance when changing tools in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I find the 1 flute 1/4" bits from the Maslow store are perfect for the machine. I tried 2 flute 1/4" bits first and the machine doesn’t have enough feedrate for them. The bits just end up wearing out rather quickly. I wore one out just trying to do calibration tests and cutting my first sled. Maybe it would seem like too much of a plug, but I would recommend the 1 flute bits make it to the FAQ.

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@Bee Thanks for the reminder to update the FAQ. I’ve given it a read through and made the changes you recommended along with a few others.

I pretty much exclusively use the bits we had made at this point so I am totally biased, but I do like the 1/4 inch bits more because you can take off more material with each pass. I have also used 1/2 inch bits for doing larger pockets.

1/8th inch bits can be nice because they are CHEAP. I would like to explore using something like a rotozip bit to cut all the way through material in one pass at some point in the future.

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@Bar - much appreciated

Once again thank you for the input. All of my ups shipments that were quoted for today have been moved to Monday from variouse sources. I do work with microcontrollers and had UPS quote me or I would have taken 3 day. it’s ood that Home Depot and Adafruit shipments to california were posponed. I’m chomping at the bit to get started, see what I did there? I’d have ordered from Maslow but I figured they were getting the kits out and it may take more time. My bad, it would probably be here, sigh. I ordered the linkage kit on Etsy too, but I don’t think it shipped yet.

It’s all a bit much to get my head around, trying to follow my own build & think of all the other variable possiblities to document when I get a chance.

I’m also building 2 3D printers right now too. So many machines so little time.

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A 4x2! I’ve never heard that. Is there some type of converter machine that can take a 2x4 and rotate it to make a 4x2 :roll_eyes::upside_down_face:

Yes, I will absolutely update the FAQ with that info and add a note that the dimensions of the lumber are not critical. Thanks for the tip!


Believe it or not, but ours is 18mm too. Well, the last sheet I mic’ed was 17.959mm, but programming for 18 would be close enough. 3/4" is just the nominal size, much like 2x4’s.


A lot of plywood sold in the states is imported. Sad if you live in a forest product supported area, but it’s just today’s economic reality.

I need to drill a large number of 1/2-inch holes in some work pieces. I’m only seeing fairly expensive 1/2-inch router bits (~$40+). Is this what I should expect to pay or are there lower cost options… I just need to drill holes at this point and I’d rather not try to “route out” 1/2-inch holes using a 1/4-inch bit.

If anyone is interested, did some quick searching for the cheapest Diablo 1/4" up-spiral bits reccomended on the Wiki and found these for 36% off. Not sure how long it will stay.

Also, I used code “WELCOMEMAX” for 10% off, and bought 6 bits, which give you free shipping (over $75).
Ended up being $77 for 6 bits = $12.83 per!

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