Ring and bit alignment - printed kit

I want to address one accuracy error source - misalignment of router bit and ring axis. Here is my take on that challenge - forcing both into align position.
I design a “frame” which hold router and legs of ring in proper position:

And printed it in PLA - now legs are perpendicular to sled, ring is forced into rigid position and router (in my case it is AEG) sits exactly in center;

Here is full assembly;

And two closeups with details

If you like it let me know how upload stl file.
Stay tuned for test runs, but first I am rebuilding my table.


Amazing! Has my nomination for the project of the month.
Should put this in the Community Garden (unless you plan to sell them :slight_smile: )


Oh common - I am not planing to sell them! That’s my contribution to Maslow community ;-)). Just tell me where is place to upload stl?


Could the file be something that you can cut on the Maslow? I realize the irony but what if it’s done a few times in succession? Just a thought for those of us who are without 3-D printers. I would leave some material in the ‘corners’ for more integrity on a Maslow cut.


http://maslowcommunitygarden.org/ would be the place for this great contribution.
Getting it there can be a bit of a struggle.
From my experience the best way is to be logged in to GitHub before adding it, use your github account name and have a picture named ’ mainpicture.jpg ’ in the .zip file you upload. Good luck and ask if you get stuck.


Did this design/file make it to the community garden or Thingiverse?
I eyeballed my ring-kit and router and would like to check how accurate my eyes are :wink: .

Not yet ;-(( I’ll be back home next Tuesday and I promise to post it.

I tried to create project in Garden and followed instructions - Need help - I am stuck with that

Any suggestions?

There is currently a bug. @bar is informed and working on it, but I guess it’s a bit difficult to do that remotely from his current location. We will need a little patience I guess.

First, thanks you you and everyone that drive Maslow forward… :slight_smile:

What size is the part as I suspect that I may not be able to print this part on my 3D printer?
Is it possible to generate the part in another format / design so that we can cut them with the Maslow?

Frame fits to 300mmx300mmx40mm printer bed (in my case Creality CR10s)
Once @bar will fix Garden bug I will post stl file.
It should be easy to create “contour cutting toolpath” from that stl file and generate Gcode (Fusion360 - Manufacture menu). I can imagine using 5 - 10mm plywood to make couple of slices and glue them together.
Under one condition! You Maslow is accurate and precise - good calibration is a must.


Any progress with making this available?

Please send me your email and I will send you stl and f3d files. I still have problem with Garden upload

I’ve tested it 5 days ago and it was working then. Do you get the same error?

Thanks @Gero it is working now and I created two projects - ring alignment and z-axis modification


I don’t see the projects in the garden. Can you provide a link?

disregard. I found it in your other post. http://maslowcommunitygarden.org/Ring-and-bit-alignment.html
someone needs to make it show under the “Maslow” tab

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Looking at the ROBOT.md on git it clearly shows → “Category”: “maslow”
Not sure what glitch is causing the garden to not follow that.

Edit: Now i can see it under the Malsow tab. Did not touch anything :man_shrugging: