Ring or L-bracket in the Feb kits?

I saw on the weekly update that the ring is now the standard. Will that affect the kits going out in February?

Yes! All of the kits in the February batch will include the ring.

If for some reason you still want the L brackets, we’re selling them off for pennies…they make great book ends…they’re very heavy duty!

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Will the new ring kits be offered in the store (as a retrofit for existing maslowers) in the future?

Yes, we will have them in the store as a retrofit soon as they arrive with the parts for the next batch of kits

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Thank you for the confirmation! Sweet sassy molassey, I’m excited!


also note that the two linkage kits will continue to be available. If you have a
large router, or one you can’t remove the handles on, it may not fit inside the

These all are working to achieve the same results, and the details of accuracy
are in the process of being measured.